Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Making Concrete Structures Stronger & Last Longer

STRUCTURAL, an exclusive licensee of Structural Technologies, can help owners develop an effective repair strategy by drawing from more than a century of knowledge and experience in the concrete repair business. We have the expertise to select and install a wide variety of repair materials, each having an installation technique that best suits both the material and the repair situation. This strategy helps to ensure that the result is both effective and long lasting.

STRUCTURAL provides industry leadership in the areas of quality, safety, and innovation. These standards, along with years of experience, a skilled trades training program, and an industry-leading safety program, instill confidence in clients looking for quality long-term solutions for their concrete infrastructure problems.

STRUCTURAL’s experienced professionals and craftsmen are skilled in a wide range of concrete repair services, including:

Concrete Repair

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Concrete Repair Expertise

Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated

Written by Peter Emmons, CEO of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, Concrete Repair & Maintenance Illustrated is the premier book on concrete structural maintenance and repair. It has been published in multiple languages and is used as an educational tool at numerous universities. Additionally, Emmons has over 40 years of industry experience and has won numerous awards as an expert on concrete repair. Concrete Construction magazine has recognized Emmons as one of the Most Influential People in the Concrete Industry.

This comprehensive instructional reference includes detailed information on:

  • Concrete Behavior
  • Evaluating Concrete Problems
  • Surface Repair
  • Stabilization and Strengthening
  • Protection

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

STRUCTURAL’s project management and field personnel carefully plan each project. Our crews work closely with customers to address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency, and potential disruption to facility operations.

Our crews have the flexibility and manpower to match work schedules to project needs. We can complete projects under the tightest schedules or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption. Regardless of the conditions, our focus is on quality, on-time performance with the highest standard of safety for both our workforce and our customers.

Industry-Leading Concrete Repair Products & Design Support

STRUCTURAL specializes in integrating our repair and maintenance services with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ engineered products – helping owners reduce costs and speed their schedules. Our investigate – design – build approach combines investigation of the root cause of the problem by SIMCO Middle East, and other engineering partners, with solution building design capability by the entire team to create efficient turnkey solutions.

Concrete Repair & Related Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers proprietary products that can be utilized in a variety of concrete repair applications, including:

  • Concrete Repair Materials
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Corrosion Control & Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Moisture Control & Waterproofing

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