Post-Tensioning Repair

STRUCTURAL has earned national recognition as one of the industry’s leading contractors dedicated to the repair of post-tensioned concrete structures.


Solutions for Post-Tensioning Repair

Because of the technical and safety precautions required in repairing highly-stressed post tension tendons, knowledge of proper repair techniques is critical to maintaining the integrity and safety of the structure, and those around it. STRUCTURAL’s approach to repairing post-tensioning tendons in buildings, water containment structures, bridges, and dams recognizes these needs and includes a holistic view of the structure’s behavior—combined with understanding the root cause of the post-tensioning challenge.

Post-Tensioned Concrete Repair

Industry-Leading Specialty Contracting Expertise

STRUCTURAL has earned national recognition as one of the industry’s leading contractors dedicated to the repair of post-tensioned systems within concrete structures. We have established stringent technical guidelines, tried and tested repair details, and quality standards for field repair procedures that not only lead to a successful repair project, but also meet our customers’ need.

These standards, along with a skilled trades training program and an industry-leading safety program, instill confidence in clients looking for safe, quality, long-term solutions for their post-tensioned concrete repair problems. 

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

Due to the special requirements of properly maintaining a structure’s integrity while repairing stressed cables, safety is a mandatory requirement that owners must demand from their contractor.

STRUCTURAL’s crews work closely with project teams to address all areas of concern during the project pre-planning process. This includes things such as safety, quality control, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing—specifically as it relates to optimizing efficiency and minimizing the potential for disruptions to the public.

STRUCTURAL crews have the expertise, flexibility, and manpower to match work schedules to meet the project needs. We can complete projects under the tightest schedules, or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption and maintain safety.

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Design-Build Solutions


By teaming with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, who offers post-tensioning product and engineering services, STRUCTURAL provides owners, design professionals, and contracting partners with turnkey, value-added, Design-Build solutions for post-tensioning concrete repair challenges.

Turnkey services with our integrated teams typically start with a comprehensive condition assessment. After initial analysis, the team moves into the solution building and design phase. From conceptual design to final design, clients receive the combined benefit of our design partners’ working hand-in-hand with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ product support specialist, who are experts in post-tensioning products, and the expertise of STRUCTURAL’s construction professionals.

Under our team approach to Investigate-Design-Build, clients understand their problem, the range of solutions available to remedy the issue, the schedule associated with each solution, and the up-front cost of those solutions. Once a solution is identified, STRUCTURAL’s turnkey approach to post-tensioning repairs provides a seamless experience from the design and supply of industry-leading product through installation—all with single-source responsibility. 






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