Equipment & Pump Foundation

When there are signs or symptoms of failure in the foundation, STRUCTURAL can assist in the development and implementation of value-added foundation repair and upgrade solutions.


Solutions for Equipment & Pump Foundation Repair

Equipment failure and/or repairs can mean downtime and loss of productivity. At the same time, delaying repair to a foundation in order to maintain equipment uptime can cause further damage and more extensive repair to the foundation—leading to even longer downtimes. When there are signs or symptoms of failure in the foundation, STRUCTURAL can assist in the development and implementation of value-added foundation repair and upgrade solutions.  

Equipment Foundations

Industry-Leading Specialty Contracting Expertise

Whether installing new equipment or performing repairs on existing equipment, STRUCTURAL has the knowledge and specialty contracting experience to solve rotating equipment foundation challenges, safely and efficiently, ensuring that your foundation is reliable and durable.

Our team becomes involved in the solution process early to help develop the project scope and determine the best repair or installation strategy.

Through our partnership with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, we have access to in-house foundation design support to repair and replace foundations as well as proprietary equipment foundation solutions, such as the Polyshield® —a pre-manufactured system constructed of polymer concrete in a one-piece shell, which replaces the traditional baseplate, foundation, anchor bolts, and grouting system.

Additionally, STRUCTURAL can provide clients with a wide variety of installation and repair solutions for equipment foundations, including:

  • Anchor Bolt Repair and Replacement
  • Concrete Surface Preparation
  • Sole Plate Repair, Replacement, and Installation
  • Chock Repair and Replacement
  • Cementitious and Epoxy Grouting
  • Foundation Modification
  • Epoxy Coating System Installation

Technology-Driven Solutions for Equipment Foundations

STRUCTURAL specializes in integrating technology-driven solutions through our specialty contracting capabilities and the value-added products and engineering services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (a Structural Group company). Our focus is not just to repair the apparent damage, but to help our clients understand the root cause of their concrete infrastructure problems so that we can provide long-term, durable solutions.   

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Design-Build Solutions


By leveraging the proprietary products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (a Structural Group company), and through other strategic alliances, STRUCTURAL can provide customers with turnkey, value-added, Investigate-Design-Build solutions to equipment foundation problems.

Turnkey services typically start with a comprehensive condition assessment. Because equipment foundation problems are not always apparent, there is significant benefit to identifying problems early.  STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers both plant-wide and equipment-specific proactive approaches—such as their Plant Condition Management Systems (PCMS)—to help owners identify and prioritize needed repairs for equipment foundations, and other process-related infrastructure.

The findings of such assessments allow STRUCTURAL to provide various solutions, and ultimately lead to the selection and design of a durable solution that is most appropriate for the situation. In specialty related areas, such as post-tensioning and strengthening, solutions often include the the use of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary products and design support specialists

Under our team approach to Investigate-Design-Build, clients understand their problems, the range of solutions available, and the up-front cost of those solutions. STRUCTURAL’s turnkey approach provides a seamless experience to customers—from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility.




STRUCTURAL Middle East — A Structural Group Company

Structural Group Companies serving the Middle East include STRUCTURAL, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, and SIMCO-ME. Together, we provide seamless turnkey investigate design build solutions that integrate technology, engineering, and construction. Structural Group companies are dedicated to the mission of making new and existing structures stronger and last longer.

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