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STRUCTURAL's most common services provided to the refining and petrochemical market:

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An unplanned shutdown of operations is a cost no refinery can afford. Managers of these facilities need assurance that structural repairs will last—and will not require repeat maintenance a few short months or years later. Recognizing this, STRUCTURAL has developed many repair, enhancement, and improvement solutions that ensure the integrity and uninterrupted operations of our client’s production processes. 


Technology-Driven, Design-Build Solutions

STRUCTURAL provides technology-driven, engineered solutions for a variety of structures in refining and petrochemical facilities. We combine our specialty contracting capabilities with the value-added products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (a Structural Group company) to deliver customized, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions for industrial infrastructure.

From completing a coking unit repair during a planned shutdown to keeping critical equipment running while repairing or replacing the flooring beneath, STRUCTURAL employs the most effective and efficient repair techniques for a given process environment to ensure that our clients’ critical operations are not affected.

Work crews from 2 to 200+, trained in the safety requirements and repair techniques for each project, and dispatched from locations nationwide, are available to work around the clock, 365 days a year, to safely complete projects under the tightest schedules and toughest working conditions.


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Common Structures

We perform comprehensive specialty contracting services on a variety of refining and petrochemical structure types, including:

  • Delayed Coking Units
  • Sulfur Recovery Units
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units
  • Vacuum Structures 
  • Cooling Towers
  • Water Intake Structures
  • Secondary Containment
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Chimneys & Stacks
  • Ancillary Structures:
    • Elevated Slabs
    • Beams & Columns
    • Pipe Supports
    • Trenches & Sumps
    • Tanks
    • Docks & Piers
Saftey & Preplanning

Safety & Quality

Saftey & PreplanningSTRUCTURAL's commitment to Safety 24/7 creates a Safety Conscious Work Environment at all of our project sites. Frontline Safety puts this commitment into action, providing specific strategies that empower our Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians, and Mechanics to create a safe work environment and hold all levels of personnel accountable for their safety and the safety of others. Every project employs these Frontline Safety strategies:

  • High-level management involvement that values safety
  • Safety-first focus by field team
  • Project-specific safety committee
  • Continuous task hazard analysis
  • Safety observation process
  • Regularly scheduled jobsite safety audits
  • Continuous improvement planning and execution
  • Lessons Learned & Best Practices Programs

Our crews work closely with our customers—including owners, plant management, design professionals, and contractors—to address all areas of concern with a number one focus on safety &  quality control.

Crews receive specialized training not only to address typical safety hazards, but also to manage any special requirements to protect the structure and workers, and to minimize the potential impact to facility operations. STRUCTURAL crews can work around the clock, 365 days a year, completing turnaround projects under the tightest schedules, in toughest working conditions, and with the highest standards of quality.


Design-Build Solutions

By leveraging the proprietary products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (a Structural Group company), and through other strategic alliances, STRUCTURAL provides turnkey, value-added, Investigate-Design-Build solutions to our clients’ infrastructure repair and enhancement challenges.

Turnkey services typically start with a forensic investigation of the current conditions. Our specialists work alongside clients to perform structured, objective, and comprehensive an

alyses of common causes of structural problems whether they be with a specific the main concrete structure or a specific problem area like equipment foundation, corrosion, below-grade water intrusion, post-tensioning tendons, or buried pipes.

The findings of our evaluation allow us to consider various solutions, and ultimately lead to the selection and design of solutions that are most appropriate for the situation. Design work may incorporate one or more of a wide range of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary products. The solution will always be one that recognizes the unique needs and ongoing operational constraints of our client

This turnkey, single-source approach enables us to solve any challenge and provide a seamless experience to customers, from initial design through installation. 




STRUCTURAL Middle East — A Structural Group Company

Structural Group Companies serving the Middle East include STRUCTURAL, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, and SIMCO-ME. Together, we provide seamless turnkey investigate design build solutions that integrate technology, engineering, and construction. Structural Group companies are dedicated to the mission of making new and existing structures stronger and last longer.

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