Experts discuss the sustainable benefits of retrofit projects

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Publication: Construction Week
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2 September 2017

A long-term approach to building ownership and occupation could drive refurbishment growth in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, Chris Hill, branch director at Structural Group, tells Construction Week.

“There’s been a fair amount of repair, restoration, and strengthening work going on in the market, so we’ve been quite busy for the last 18 months, and will be so for the next six months,” he explains.

“The bulk of our [recent] work has focussed on strengthening, which tends to be a result of adaptive reuse or changing use [of the space,] so the real onus behind it tends to be on whoever is taking ownership of the property.”

Projects typically rely on owners or clients for long-term precautionary strengthening works. However, the region is also home to “a fair number of developers that build and sell off [their assets]” without taking long-term ownership, he adds. 


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